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UC Santa Barbara Magazine features stories and visuals that highlight some of the people, programs, scholarly pursuits and cultural endeavors that make UC Santa Barbara a world-class institution. It also casts a wider net, aspiring not only to bring readers onto campus through its pages, but also to place the university in the world by examining issues, trends and topics of broad relevance, interest and impact.

We hope you enjoy these stories from our fall/winter 2023 issue. 

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American Eagle with arrows

Democracy is more fragile than you think

The rise in authoritarian attitudes is coming from the right and the left.

“I realized I was a conduit for their voices”

If pictures speak louder than words, Richard Ross’s photographs are nothing softer than a roar.

Anna May Wong profile portrait

Love Me, Love Me Not

The tale of Anna May Wong, the first Chinese American movie star.

Altered States

When the brain leaves the body, does identity move with it? Depends on who you ask.

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Arms raised at She.Is.Beautiful. marathon


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