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UC Santa Barbara Magazine features stories and visuals that highlight some of the people, programs, scholarly pursuits and cultural endeavors that make UC Santa Barbara a world-class institution. It also casts a wider net, aspiring not only to bring readers onto campus through its pages, but also to place the university in the world by examining issues, trends and topics of broad relevance, interest and impact.

We hope you enjoy these stories from our spring/summer 2023 issue. 

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Controlled burn on the hillside

Taming Fire

The science of controlled burns and their benefits to our landscape

Sarah Eisner and Randy Quarterman on a red bench

Mending Old Fences

Two diverse people with connected stories come together for a greater good

abstract art by Philip Argent

In Search of the Origin of Insight

Cognitive psychologist Jonathan Schooler probes the mind’s reaction to art

closeup photo of a researcher holding a beaker

Research Highlights

Snapshots of recent work by scholars across campus

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pelicans fly over Coal Oil Point

On Campus

Short takes, lively stories and snapshot looks at the UC Santa Barbara campus and community open a window into our dynamic environment and diverse culture.

On Campus

Alumna Jena Dominique


Alumni profiles, news bites and insights both from and about the UC Santa Barbara Alumni Association foster a strong sense of connection and Gaucho pride.


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UC Santa Barbara Magazine

Spring/Summer 2023


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