Features | Spring/Summer 2023

Where does our curiosity come from, and how do we satisfy it? What pushes us across that unpredictable intellectual bridge — despite missing rungs, headwinds or whiteout conditions — from wondering to knowing to understanding? That question is at the heart of our new issue. From the medical researchers we have highlighted to the alumni we have profiled and the features reported inside, curiosity is a connecting thread. Whatever their respective wellspring or focus, a remarkable intrinsic motivation powers the individuals you’ll read about. And they are each impacting our world.

Breaking Through

From biology and chemistry to engineering, psychology and the humanities, there is an ever-growing number of passionate medical changemakers across campus aiming to improve outcomes for doctors, and to make life better for patients. Here we highlight six scientists, a modest sampling, who are making inroads on conditions that affect millions of people around the world.

closeup of a researcher holding a beaker

Research Highlights Spring/Summer 2023

Snapshots of recent work by scholars across campus

Untitled (Future Smoke) by Philip Argent

In Search of the Origin of Insight

Are we more than our brains? Abstract art offers a clue

A controlled burn at Sedgwick Reserve

Taming Fire

Controlled burns can be a boon to our landscape

Sarah Eisner and Randy Quaterman sitting on a red bench

Mending Old Fences

Connected by difficult history, Sarah (Liniger ’93) Eisner and Randy Quarterman come together for a greater good