Full Issue Spring/Summer 2024

Full Issue | Spring/Summer 2024

A good old fashioned great read. We hope that’s what we’ve made for you here. In this issue, you’ll learn about some life-changing technological innovations, discover a unique performance artist who channels her anxiety through an alter ego, and get the 4-1-1 from current students about the best tacos to try next time you’re near UC Santa Barbara. You’ll meet more fascinating alumni making their marks in myriad ways. Our cover feature explores the burgeoning “blue food movement” and the vast potential of seafood to sustainably feed a growing global population. The only politically tinged story you’ll find inside is one of hope — imagine that.
Captivating people. Fresh perspectives. Striking photographs. Come on in, and enjoy!

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Spring / Summer 2024


Shana Moulton's art installation at NY MOMA

Profile of an Alter Ego

plats of tacos on blue background

Taco the Town

fiesta dancers at night

Fiesta! Viva el Centenario