Awards & Honors

Accolades for faculty members Charmaine Chua and Kyle Meng

Charmaine Chua, an assistant professor of global studies and a 2023 Freedom Scholar of the Marguerite Casey Foundation, recognized for her research and organizing to nurture social movements for justice and freedom. The Freedom Scholars initiative provides a one-time, unrestricted award of $250,000 to each honoree to advance their work. The foundation this year named six Freedom Scholars from across the country.


“You can’t wait for other people or hope that other people will shift the balance of power for you. We’ve got to do it ourselves.”

Kyle Meng, an associate professor in the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management and in the economics department, currently serving as a senior economist on the White House Council of Economic Advisers, which guides the president on economic policy based on data, research and evidence. In his one-year appointment, Meng is tasked with the council’s climate, energy and environment portfolio.


“A key question for any major economic transition — and especially a green energy transition — is whether it also results in a more equitable society.”

Fall / Winter 2023


illustration of an American Eagle by Michael Glenwood

Democracy is more fragile than you think

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Altered States

Young black boy in juvenile detention

'I realized I was a conduit for their voices'