Lab Quiz

Test your knowledge of the UCSB lab scene.

1. Which UC Santa Barbara Nobel Prize winner is the current research director of the Solid State Lighting & Energy Electronics Center?

a) Carol Greider '83
b) Herbert Kroemer
c) Shuji Nakamura
d) Finn E. Kydland

2. In what lab is a plasma activation (EVG 810) instrument housed?

a) Mass Spectrometry Facility
b) Nanofabrication Facility
c) Microfluidics Lab
d) Ectoplasm Lab

3. Which of these is NOT a lab facility at UC Santa Barbara?

a) Rodwell & Buckwalter Lab
b) Hawkins National Lab
c) Harold Frank Hall
d) Hansma Lab

4. How much did UC Santa Barbara receive in grants and awards for research across facilities and disciplines in 2021?

a) $241.5 million
b) $1 billion
c) $75 million
d) $195.1 million

5. What can you find in the Materials Research Laboratory?

a) UCSB free-electron lasers
b) Tesla magnet
d) All of the above


1: C) Shuji Nakamura

2: B) Nanofabrication Facility, Electrical and Computer Engineering

3: B) Hawkins National Laboratory

4: A) $241.5 million

5: D) All of the above

Fall / Winter 2022


Researcher holding a piece of custom made material for quantum research

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