Campus Sustainability

How green is UCSB? Test your knowledge.

1. How many square feet of LEED certified facilities does UC Santa Barbara have?

A. 500,000 ft2
B. 775,000 ft2
C. 1,500,000 ft2
D. 1,800,000 ft2

2. How much of the campus landscape is irrigated with recycled water?

A. Over 65%
B. Over 75%
C. Over 80%
D. Over 90%

3. How many electric charging stations are available to the campus community?

A. 40
B. 50
C. 75
D. 100

4. How many pounds of fresh
produce from the Edible Campus Project Student Farm are donated to A.S. Food Bank each year?

A. Over 300 pounds
B. Over 400 pounds
C. Over 500 pounds
D. Over 600 pounds

5. How many pounds of e-waste are collected by A.S. Recycling each year?

A. 200-500 pounds
B. 750-1000 pounds
C. 1,500-3,000 pounds
D. More than 3,000 pounds

1: C) 1.8 million,

2: D) Over 90%,

3: C) 100,

4: D) Over 600 pounds,

5: C) 1,500-3,000 pounds

Spring / Summer 2022


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