Is It Live, or Is It Memorex?

That feeling when you saw your favorite artist at Extravaganza. The time you saw an unknown band in the UCen that went on to superstardom. You can still conjure the images and the melodies like it was just yesterday, and you love to tell that story. Maybe it was Bob Dylan or Sublime. Ben Harper or Diplo. Social Distortion or Fleetwood Mac or Run-D.M.C. Jack Johnson ’97! Who else here remembers Mary’s Danish? Cue the music — and the memories.

Frank Zappa
La Cumbre Yearbook 1982

Peaches en regalia

The late, inimitable Frank Zappa rocked campus at the height of his “Valley Girl” fame. He’s pictured here in 1982 — and in his trés ’80s ensemble. Are his purple pants pegged? We don’t know, but we hope so. Either way, radical threads, Frank.


Colin Crawford
Photo by Maddie Fangio

FZ, phone home

Four decades later, guitarist Colin Crawford of the Austin-based indie pop project Dayglow channeled his inner Frank Zappa on stage at Extravaganza in 2022 with a strikingly similar stance and not completely dissimilar color palette. Rock on.


Spring / Summer 2023


A controlled burn at Sedgwick Reserve

Taming Fire

Untitled (Future Smoke) by Philip Argent

In Search of the Origin of Insight

closeup of a researcher holding a beaker

Research Highlights Spring/Summer 2023