Issue Name
Fall / Winter 2023

A role model for persistence in the face of adversity
A champion for care, access and straight-up hard work

Issue Name
Spring / Summer 2023

An honor of a lifetime
Guiding the next generation of Gauchos

Issue Name
Fall / Winter 2022

Roland Ros starts online platform for Gen Z and millennial Filipinos
Jennie Romer is passionate about protecting the environment

Issue Name
Spring / Summer 2022

Four years after graduating, journalist Molly Forster is winning awards — and thanking her alma mater for making it possible.
Aila Malik, a 2022 Presidential Leadership Scholar, focuses on the nonprofit sector in her drive to create change.
Fueled by a passion for health and a desire to help others, Bo Hu creates a smart home fitness device.

Issue Name
Fall / Winter 2021

Spotlighting alumni achievers in the worlds of eco-chic fashion, national politics, athletics, public service, entertainment, astronauts and more.